Yale Community Connects to Launch of ‘For Humanity’ Campaign


Yale kicked off the public phase of “For Humanity,” a groundbreaking campaign to engage the Yale community and garner financial support for the university’s academic mission, with an animated broadcast on October 2 from the Yale Schwarzman Center.

Actor and writer Moses Ingram ’19 CDR, known for “The Tragedy of MacBeth” and “The Queen’s Gambit, “ delivered the welcome message for the virtual event and introduced a worldwide appeal from alumni and friends. Yalies from Hawaii, Hong Kong, London, Beijing, Texas, Kenya, Hawaii, Italy, New York, Beirut, Argentina, Russia and Maine welcomed guests and answered the question “Why are you?” – a key theme of the campaign.

As the campaign name and logo appeared against a deep blue background in the renovated townships, Yale President Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D. shared his goals for the campaign and underscored the university’s ambitions, recognizing Yale’s special role in advancing and innovating for the company.

President Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D. presented a vision for the campaign. (Photo credit: Tony Fiorini)

Simply put, I am guided by Yale’s mission to “improve the world today and for generations to come”. This mission requires that we not only create knowledge, but harness it to improve lives, ”said Salovey. “Through this campaign, we will provide vital support to Yale faculty, students and staff leading work that can transform society, deepen human understanding, and open doors to prosperity and prosperity. increased well-being for millions of people.

During the three-hour show, a parade of notable alumni, faculty, students and friends followed President Salovey in setting Yale’s goals to advance science, scholarship, leadership and collaboration for the good of humanity.

Among the academic fields that are actively shaping the future, Salovey cited climate science, computer science, and data science, as well as biomedical research into human cognition and the role of inflammation in disease. He also underlined the importance of Yale’s long-standing strengths in humanistic fields. “Arts and humanities academics,” he said, “teach us that our world is not black and white and help us understand the motivations behind the behaviors, the stories behind the policies and the driving forces. behind the evolutions and revolutions of society. “

Laurie Santos
Laurie Santos, Principal of Silliman College and Professor of Psychology, whose “Psychology and the Good Life” course is Yale College’s most popular course. (Photo credit: Tony Fiorini)

The $ 7 billion campaign also emphasizes increased funding for student support across Yale College and graduate and vocational schools.

This campaign is not about giving to Yale for the sake of Yale, ”said Donna Dubinsky ’77, one of the five campaign co-chairs. “The goal of this campaign is to change the world. Faculty, students and staff are there to do important work and to become the next generation of leaders. And we are here to make this work possible.

Throughout Saturday’s program, videos, live faculty forums, and student-alumni conversations highlighted Yale’s exciting work and brought campaign themes to life. Masters of ceremonies Reed Northrup and Sola Fadiran, fourth-year students at Yale’s David Geffen School of Drama, guided attendees through the virtual experience. Angela Bassett ’80, ’83 MFA, former student and Oscar nominated actress, narrated the video for the event’s anthem, which featured a musical score composed by David M. Kurtz ’80 MM and performed by members of Yale Philharmonia Orchestra, with School of Music Dean Robert Blocker on piano.

The celebration was topped off with a performance by world-renowned a cappella pop group Pentatonix, starring Kevin Olusola ’10, who called out a ‘cry to all Morsels’ from Morse College.

Masters of ceremonies Reed Northrup (left) and Sola Fadiran, fourth-year students at Yale's David Geffen School of Drama.
Reed Northrup (left) and Sola Fadiran, fourth-year students at Yale’s David Geffen School of Drama, hosted Saturday’s program, which combined live broadcast and pre-recorded material. (Photo credit: Tony Fiorini)

Suzanne Gignilliat ’80, who attended the event from her home in Chicago, described the launch as truly memorable: “This online event was a great way for Yale to showcase the work the faculty is doing to resolve issues. that are close to my heart, especially in the area of ​​climate change. The presentations were fascinating.

Guests were able to use interactive features within the personalized event platform to personalize their experiences, choosing from a rich menu of virtual tours and live discussions. Participants gathered for key segments of the program and then dispersed to attend forums moderated by faculty members, alumni and students. Between programs, a virtual Global Commons provided a digital space for guests to mingle.

It was a great use of technology to create a sense of community and participation, ”said Rahul Prasad ’87 Ph.D., who logged in to the event from California. “Connecting with other Yalies and listening directly to the leadership of Yale really excited me about the potential of this campaign to live up to its name and make a difference for humanity. “

Speaking after the launch, Joan O’Neill, vice president of alumni affairs and development, described “For Humanity” as Yale’s most ambitious campaign to date.

This is a global campaign to strengthen Yale’s foundations in a way that increases our ability to make the world a better place, ”she said. “Everyone has an interest in this. “

Philippe Atiba Goff
Phillip Atiba Goff, Carl I. Hovland professor of African American studies and professor of psychology, discussed efforts to reform police and public safety in communities across the country. (Photo credit: Tony Fiorini)

In the years leading up to the public launch of “For Humanity”, the university embarked on a “quiet phase” of fundraising to lay the groundwork for the campaign. Alumni, parents and friends contributed more than $ 3.5 billion, including more than $ 1 billion in fiscal year 2020-21 alone, the highest annual donation total ever recorded by Yale.

This core fund, which includes giveaways of all sizes, puts us on track to meet our campaign goal by 2026, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has already contributed to the success of our campaign, ”said O’Neill said.

The event website features a recording of the campaign launch, virtual tours of campus spaces, an opportunity to network with other registered attendees, fun social media filters, and more: to access the full broadcast and other on-demand content, sign up for the events website campaign.

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