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1 Which World War I hero was called “the thousand and second knight”?
2 With as few as 10 remaining, which animal is the vaquita?
3 Which airline was the launch customer for the Boeing 747?
4 Which arena had a roof in 2009?
5 Who was photographed in a playground reading Ulysses?
6 Which twelfth-century abbess was a composer, poetess and mystic?
seven The first to be discovered was Pluto; what is a TNO?
8 Which capital was named after Christian IV of Denmark?
What links:
Amy Chua; Georges Clemenceau ; Bill O’Reilly; Eldrick Wood?
ten Bell Harry Tower; Martyrdom; Miracle Windows; The tomb of Henry IV?
11 Chance; Tyler; george; A ski mask?
12 Sierra Leone; Haiti; Vietnam; Mexico; Argentina; Brighton?
13 1810; 1887; 2002?
14 Gay-Lussac; Boyle; Charles; Avogadro?
15 Donald Kaufman (Adaptation); Roderick Jaynes (Fargo); Nathan Douglas (The Unsubmissive)?

Do you know everything about Argentina? Photography: Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

The answers

1 TE Laurent.
2 Little porpoise.
3 Pan Am.
4 Center Court at Wimbledon.
5 Marilyn Monroe.
6 Hildegard of Bingen.
seven Trans-Neptunian object.

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8 Oslo (formerly Christiania).
9 Nicknamed Tiger: author of parenting Tiger Mother; French statesman; Australian cricketer; American golfer.
ten Parts of Canterbury Cathedral.
11 “The” hip-hop/speaked-word artists: the rapper; the creator; the poet; the Slump God.
12 Settings from Graham Greene’s novels.
13 Golden Jubilees: George III; Victoria; Elizabeth II.
14 Formulated Gas Laws.
15 Nonexistent Oscar nominees.

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