The Community Market is coming to Tyndall Park




Lou Alarkon is co-founder of the new Tyndall Community Market.


Lou Alarkon is co-founder of the new Tyndall Community Market.

A new community market brings together vendors and prepares to kick off its inaugural season at Tyndall Park Community Centre.

“We just wanted to do something to contribute and improve the vibrancy of the community,” said Lou Alarkon, co-founder of Tyndall Community Market, who lives in the nearby neighborhood of Maples.

Alarkon said the market will be a place where local entrepreneurs and artisans can sell and show off their wares.

There will be food trucks, food stalls and vendors selling crafts, jewelry, plants, clothing and more, Alarkon said. So far, about 50 suppliers have registered on different dates. There are spaces available throughout the season for local vendors to secure.

“We’re still looking for vendors, and they can choose which dates they want to come in,” Alarkon said.

The market is due to open on the weekend of May 7 and Alarkon hopes it will operate every weekend until the end of the season, except for the Tyndall Park Spring Carnival weekend.

Alarkon is co-hosting the market with his cousin Lyn Alarkon through their company Alark Co., which has previously hosted GameFest at The Forks and has partnered with food trucks for an initiative to raise funds for Harvest Manitoba, among other initiatives centered around businesses.

Alarkon said community response to the startup market has been strong.

“We are super excited… It has been overwhelming in terms of support. We see some of the posts and comments on social media, and people are happy. They are excited,” she said.

Tara Garcia, co-owner of The Churro Stop, a food truck selling traditional Argentinian churros and empanadas, is one of the vendors busy for market season.

“These markets are so valuable because not only does it give us a place to sell our food, but having a market like Tyndall brings us to a new part of town and new clientele and all that. It’s great,” Garcia said.

After going through and adjusting to the pandemic, as many local businesses have done, Garcia said these markets are a welcome return to normal.

“Part of the reason the last two years have been so difficult is that we’re used to being with our food truck family every weekend,” she said. “There’s a team of us who go to events together every weekend, and some of us have our kids with us, and losing that was a really big loss… That family feeling has was very important.”

Lien Pham owns Tiny Bliss Cafe and will sell her baked goods, which she says are influenced by cuisines from the Asian continent. She’ll be there on Saturday, she said,

“It’s good marketing for me. Considering how COVID was affecting everyone, it’s nice to be exposed,” she said, adding that of course the goal is to sell as much as possible.

The market will take place on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sellers interested in joining the market can contact the Alarkons at

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Cody Sellar
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