The Argentine university community in the face of the invasion of Ukraine: “The world scene has been changed by the whim of a tyrant”


Close 300 Argentine academics they signed a letter in which they express their position against “the invasion of Ukraine”. They denounce the “blind murder” of civilians, soldiers and volunteers who have armed themselves to defend their country. And they reject the censorship applied by Moscow against those who speak out against the war.

Among the signatories are academics from UBA, Conicet and UTN, among other study houses.

Here is the full text of the letter:

“An event that had been announced before the beginning of the current year took place on February 24 when Russian troops brutally attacked to entire populations of Ukrainian territory, indiscriminately killing civilians of all ages as well as soldiers and citizens who armed themselves to defend their homeland.

“Technology allows us to see in real time and with regret and indignation what in other times could only be conjectured or inferred: the horror. The world stage has been altered at the whim of a tyrant who brings old ghosts of war to life as the conflict becomes increasingly unpredictable.

“The shadow of the invasion of Ukraine is also cast within the Russian Federation itself. To the open persecution of political and sexual diversity, is now added censorship from any unbiased approach to the war raid, leaving official propaganda as the only information accessible to the majority of Russian society. Similarly, any demonstration is harshly repressed.

“As academics, we reject censorshipimprisonment or expulsion of university students and professors denounce the invasion. This hardening of the regime is configured as the possible prelude to measures already suffered by the Russian population throughout its history.

“Scientific activity, like literary and artistic activity in general, are enterprises which involve all nations, and as members of this global community we feel the need to express our strongest rejection of aggression of Russia against the Ukrainian people. , and our solidarity with all Ukrainians who give their lives in defense of freedom.

“In this context, we urge members of the university community to speak out on the issue.

“We also underline our concern that the boards of directors and superiors of public and private faculties and universities, the management of research organizations and human rights observatories who, over the past decade, have ceased to make public opinions and statements on issues that are sometimes totally superfluous and distant from intellectual and scientific life, in the face of this fact offer an awkward silence.


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