Shweta Tripathi Sharma Shares Her Audio Podcast Experience, Batman Ek Chakravyuh


Shweta Tripathi Sharma, who will soon be seen in the web series Escaype Live, is currently enjoying the praise coming her way for an audio series. Shweta voices Gotham Police Chief Barbara Gordan, Jim Gordan’s daughter in Batman Ek Chakravyuh. The podcast, streamed on Spotify, is the Hindi adaptation of Batman Unburied by David S. Goyer and is produced by Mantra Mugdh. Here, the Mirzapur actress talks about her experience working on the podcast and more. Excerpts:

What made you say yes to Batman Ek Chakravyuh?

There was no particular reason to say yes. If they had offered me any character I would still have said yes. Since childhood, I wanted to use my voice and I wanted to do voice overs for animations. Before starting my acting career with Kya Mast Hai Life, I did voice overs for a few characters in a Hindi movie for Warner Brothers. I was happy because for two or three hours I had received Rs 10,000. My monthly salary would simply be Rs 20,000 only. And I was like wow, I want to do this because I get a good salary. That was just the beginning and now we’re here doing Batman…it’s cool. We are still working on screen and trying to improve our skills. Learning is an endless process. As a voiceover artist, you learn modulation, breathing techniques and the art of pausing.

What was the experience of lending a voice to Barbara Gordon?

Barbara Gordan is Jim Gordan’s daughter who later turns out to be a bad girl. I’m grateful to be able to play a variety of roles on screen and this one is different too. I am lucky and happy that my work has been appreciated by the public and the critics. I feel protected and cushioned and I also know that I hope no one wants to think badly of me. I work for such a big production. It was my dream. If there is a story and emotions to bring out, language should never be an obstacle. I’m so glad Batman is made in Hindi. I love my language and we should be proud of it.

Are you open to taking on international projects if you have the opportunity?

I am also open to the international. I want the whole world to watch my work. Your reach is of utmost importance. It’s not power, popularity or money that drives me. For me, my work motivates me and so far, whatever I’ve done, I’m happy. I want to explore more. I’m happy to have done stage, cinema, short films and now audio. I’m always looking for exciting stories to be part of. Numbers don’t excite me.

Hindi theatrical releases did not do well. Do you think movie theaters won’t flourish?

The movie theater experience with our family is fun. I consume content that is very personal to me. I cry, laugh and get emotional watching movies. It is an individual experience. Everything TV, OTT, theater and audio can co-exist because everyone is so hungry for good content, whether you hear it or watch it.

You are known to undertake different projects. In what next will we see you?

I’m starting a new detective series called Saaf: The Maid, which is an adaptation of an Argentinian series. Then I have Mirzapur season three and Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein season two. There is a comedy movie, Kanjoos Maakhichoos, starring Kunal Kemmu. There’s another show called M for Mafia where I play an acid attack survivor. It is a fictional story and I visited Lucknow to meet the survivors.

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Posted: Friday, May 13, 2022, 07:00 IST

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