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Rivers State Governor Chief Nyesom Wike said the federal government inadvertently encourages corruption whenever it allows paltry sums, in its annual budget for a project, instead of all of it. the money needed to complete these projects within the agreed timeframe.
The governor made the observation during a speech at the inauguration of the GRA Junction Flyover project which was carried out by Mike Agbedor Ozekhome, SAN, last Saturday in Port Harcourt.
He said that such a practice encourages variation in the value of projects, lengthens the time allotted for completing such projects and, more often than not, leads to abandonment.
“You know, I don’t like the word variation. It’s not in my dictionary. This is where you see the corruption. This is why when you see the federal government budget; how can you allocate a work of N60billion, then in the budget of the year you put N2billion.
“What kind of contract is this? Why will there be no variation. This work will last for the next ten years and this is the problem we have in the execution of our contracts.
Wike explains that in such situations, the contract value is affected by inflation and there is a likelihood of items adjusting, which eventually leads to corruption.
He stressed that such cultivation is not encouraged in Rivers State under his administration and that there is no reason for him to spend four years, for example doing a particular project.
“Now if you put N2billion every year, that means in 10 years it’s N20billion. So you can’t complete the project in 20 years. And then, looking at the trend of inflation, each year the entrepreneur will put a variation. Why?
“Because the prices of things have gone up. So they will put in variations and at the end of the day the work will not be 60 billion naira. It will go to 80 billion naira.
“But here, Julius Berger cannot tell us because we have already given them a 70% lead. So they can’t come and tell me the variation, no. By giving you 70%, we would expect you to work up to 80 or 90%. “
Wike said the days are over when politicians gave excuses to cover up their lack of leadership capacity.
He boasted that no administration can measure what it has done in six years in terms of an infrastructure project in the state and the completion of five airlifts, four of which are underway and one nearing completion. to be awarded.
Speaking further, Wike asserted that the quality projects executed in the state are sufficient testimony to the state’s electorate continuing to vote for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) when the elections take place.
He advised anyone who will become his successor not to award projects if there is no money to complete them as agreed.
“Everyone who comes after us knows that we campaigned for the person. The campaign is over. That’s why everyone is scrambling to be governor because they know what I’ve done. I cleared the road, so everyone says I want to be governor.
The governor has vowed not to abandon the Trans-Kalabari road despite attempts by some thugs who kidnapped workers in charge of the multibillion naira project.
At the launch of the project, legal expert and human rights activist Mike Ozekhome, SAN, said Wike had, through the execution of many infrastructure projects, been transparent and accountable. responsibility for managing the resources of Rivers State.
“He has shown that it is not enough for a governor to get his monthly allowance from the income account under article 162 of the constitution, but without showing what you are using that money for.”
Ozekhome noted that accountability, which has been the hallmark of the Wike administration, is the essence of governance and the essence of government.
He further congratulated the Governor for showing that investing in human capacities is the best way to live in the hearts of the people.
“He has shown that he has the capacity to develop people, not only in terms of infrastructure, but in terms of education and human capacity building. “
In providing the project description, Rivers State Commissioner for the Works, the Hon. Elloka Tasie-Amadi explained that the construction of the GRA Junction flyover is intended to resolve traffic conflicts encountered at the intersection of the Port Harcourt-Aba Expressway, Ezimgbu Road and Tombia Street.
“This bridge built by MM. Julius Berger has 2 service roads on either side of the bridge, each measuring 7.3m in width and 775m in length. You will find a roundabout, an underpass for pedestrians, midway bends, traffic and lampposts within the project.
“The bridge itself is 502 m long and the suspended section is 292 m. It has 4 lanes, in a double carriage configuration with two 7.3 m wide lanes directed in both directions, both separated by a median. As is our common practice in road infrastructure construction, the pavement is finished with 2 coats of asphalt, a binder coat and a wearing course.

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