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President wants Buenos Aires to no longer be Argentina’s capital

Saturday, December 18, 2021 – 09:44 UTC

?? We have a huge opportunity to do things differently, ?? Fernandez said.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández said on Friday he harbored the idea that the country’s capital should not be Buenos Aires, resurfacing a controversy from 1853 to 1860 that then-President Raúl Alfonsín also sought to reshape. In the 1980’s.

?? Every day I think if the capital should not be somewhere other than Buenos Aires, ?? Fernández told his ministers at a cabinet meeting in Monteros, Tucumán province, one of the so-called alternative capitals created to decentralize the federal government.

We have to realize that we have a huge possibility of doing things differently. The pandemic must be a moment of reflection. Rebuilding injustice does not make sense. We have to build another world. and another Argentina. And to build this Argentina nobody is superfluous. We all need it. Those who vote for us and those who don’t vote for us, ?? Fernandez said.

He also wondered if the Ministry of Mines should be in a mining province and the Ministry of Fisheries should be in a fishing port in Patagonia.

“We are not mining the same mountain range that made Chile the number one exporter of copper on this side. Think how much we are losing there, ?? added the president.

?? It is not possible for a boy who lives in the North to think that he can find better luck in the suburbs of the city of Córdoba, Rosario or Buenos Aires. The story goes that when they think about it and end up emigrating from their cities, what they find there is marginality and hardship. And what we need is to enhance the Argentine North, a bunch of untapped wealth, ?? Fernández insisted.

The president assured that Argentina “was developing at an accelerated pace” and suggested that it was the right time ?? to change things. ?? Fernández also spoke about what federalism means for his government and stressed that it is time to remove the Excel spreadsheet on our exports, not noting that some provinces export a lot and produce a lot and others very little.

President Fernández also referred to recent meetings he had with Russian envoys who estimated Argentina was only exploiting 40% of its potential. ?? Isn’t it time we started to face these challenges and ask ourselves as a society how to do it ???

The law on alternative capital was adopted (27,589) in November 2020 in order to decentralize management with equitable public policies to overcome territorial asymmetries on the proposal of Fernández.

In the 1980s, Alfonsín sought to move the capital to the twin cities of Viedma (Río Negro) and Carmen de Patagones (Buenos Aires). Between 1853 and 1860, the capital of Argentina was Paraná (Entre Ríos) while Buenos Aires remained a separate state.

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