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A North Okanagan-based television show celebrates its 10th season on air.

Federal’s Trigger Effect, a hunting show produced by Thunder Boyz Productions and based in Falkland, aired on the Sportsman Channel in Canada and the United States for 10 consecutive years, during which the show was toured around the world, including in Argentina and South Africa. , New Zealand, Mexico, and us in and around North America.

The series has now produced over 150 episodes with a strong focus on curation and management. The show’s two hosts are former biologists and to strengthen their understanding of hunting as a tool for wildlife management, the show has partnered with Lethbridge College’s environmental science program to include an element Educational Conservation Connection in each episode.

Dean Trumbley, born and raised in Vernon, and Kent Michie, originally from Manitoba, are longtime friends who started the series in their early forties.

Federal’s Trigger Effect streams to over 56 million homes in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and previous seasons are available to watch on Amazon Prime.

“It’s hard to believe we’ve been on TV for 10 years, looks like yesterday we were talking about doing the TV show,” Trumbley said.

“Dean and my goal was to get the word out about conservation and management based on our experience as biologists and outdoor enthusiasts. It has become something more than we could ever have dreamed of, ”added Michie.

The duo’s conservation and management message reached the global stage when Safari Club International (SCI), the world’s largest conservation group, began sponsoring their show in 2016.

Now in their fifties, Trumbley and Michie are still passionate about conservation and speak publicly all over North America in places big and small, sharing the message that we all have an impact on the planet and, therefore, have a responsibility to protect her.

Federal’s Trigger Effect Season 10 will air on the Sportsman Channel in late December.

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