MCTIGUE Architects Designs Cannabis Project In Los Angeles, Improving Community, Adding Jobs


MCTIGUE, a conscious architecture, design and planning firm, and Corbis, an international project management firm, have designed and planned a major cannabis facility in Los Angeles that improves the community, improves the environment and creates job opportunities.

Andrew Pedrick, AIA, Founding Director of MCTIGUE, said: “MCTIGUE designs with a mindful approach to make room for people and the planet. This sophisticated industrial complex made up of 5 buildings (3 existing and 2 new) required major improvements, several phases and a multitude of permits, all based on licensing schemes provided by MCTIGUE in collaboration with the client.

Francesca Romanutti, Corbis, said: “When we approached our strategic collaboration, Andrew’s main concern was to be able to focus on his business and his clients, while having a strong technical team that can collect his thoughts and transform them into a coherent BIM model and working drawings to get to the job site with confidence.

“The technical challenge here was to combine the remodeling and upgrading of existing buildings, with the new infrastructure needed for a large, multi-functional grow facility, which requires intense lighting, irrigation and HVAC systems,” said Pedrick. “Getting the best team together to do the job is paramount, as is the protocol for using the best communication pattern. ”

MCTIGUE’s preference was to remain nimble, agile, and provide quick feedback. “Andrew advocated an alliance that needed to be open, engaged and responsive: include Corbis in client and consultant meetings, engage in all project communications, and share the vision and goals of the project to stay on top of everyone’s mind. problems anytime. This brought the highest level of engagement of all team members, ”said Romanutti

About MCTIGUE Architects – Planning + Design. MCTIGUE is an architecture, planning, design and communication company founded in a conscious approach to the creation of space. 111 Marquez Pl # 110, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 – 310-562-8916.

About Corbis – Project management, BIM management, production management, 3 offices, Los Angeles, & San Francisco, CA & Buenos Aires, Argentina. 515 S Flower Street 18th Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90071 – 424-320-3304.

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