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Siblings Camila and Federico Acquarone believe everyone has a superpower. That’s what led these two key Biscayne residents to create their passion project: a community service app that celebrates such superpowers.

The sibling duo were born in Uruguay but grew up mostly in Key Biscayne. And they share more than just a last name. In fact, they both have a great affinity for leadership; they are the class presidents of their class. It was this position that first led them to develop the idea for the app.

Camila says, “My classmates contacted me all the time asking if I knew of any organizations looking for volunteers or community service opportunities. And often, I wasn’t able to help them find causes they were truly passionate about. I just didn’t have them all on hand.

Camila and Federico took note of the disconnect between volunteers and organizations and knew they wanted to close it. From there was born the We Teer app, designed specifically to connect those looking to volunteer with organizations in need of volunteers. It was a solution that they knew would be attractive to users.

“Our goal with this app is to make volunteering easier so you don’t even have to turn off your phone to find it. We wanted a simple process where you log in and see opportunities for the causes you’re passionate about, and sign up. There are many opportunities; it’s just a matter of people being able to find them.

In the summer of 2021, the two entrepreneurs started working to make their dream a reality. They found Argentinian developers who coded the app. The siblings designed what the app would look like for users. For months, they went back and forth between their vision and what the developers had coded – until they finally delivered a product ready to launch on the App Store.

Here’s how the app works:

Step 1: Sign up and choose your superpowers (ex. Patience, heavy lifting, driving, speaking Spanish)

2nd step: Choose causes you are passionate about (e.g. seniors, education, homelessness, animals, disaster relief)

Step 3: Go to the home page and see upcoming events and events recommended for you.

Step 4: Tap an event you would like to volunteer for, view the date, time, event description, and be able to apply/register.

Step 5: The calendar button helps you keep track of the volunteer events you are registered for.

Many organizations have already signed up and are using the app to recruit volunteers. For example, the Farmers Market KB compost initiative, “A Zero Waste Culture”, which seeks volunteers every Saturday. Both siblings are actively seeking other organizations.

“One of our biggest inspirations for creating the app and bringing our idea to life was our mother, who taught us early on how important it was to help others and the power it could have over our lives. said Federico, adding that their mother, Karina, was one of the first to sign up for the app and has already volunteered many hours.

So far, users have given only positive feedback, saying it’s both easy to use and convenient. In the future, they hope to be able to expand the application.

“We don’t want this app to be for (only) high school kids,” the siblings said. “If you like cleaning the beach with your friends, or if you always wanted to help the homeless, and you never knew how, this application is also for you.”

To find the app, people can go to the brother project’s Instagram page (we.teer) and download it.

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