Linguists wanted! 10 language jobs that Big Tech is recruiting right now


Now a comprehensive offering and a point of pride for large tech companies, Machine Translation (MT) and adjacent language technologies are driving industry-wide demand for Natural Language Processing (NLP) engineers and machine learning researchers. But this trend is not the whole story. The same companies are also aggressively hiring qualified linguists.

As always, employers still have to fill more traditional roles in areas such as customer support and quality assurance; and some linguists move on to the more technical side, where they support the construction and development of AT. Somewhere in between, a range of new opportunities opened up for language experts.

An important factor in creating these roles is the fact that many large tech companies manage localization internally, often collaborating across departments to design their solutions and services with globalization in mind from the start.


Here we offer you an overview of 10 roles for which linguistic expertise is essential.


Technical translator

The title may sound familiar, but within Apple the “technical” translation refers not only to content, but also to a tech-savvy approach. In particular, technical translators will identify tools and process improvements for team work, “evangelizing best practices” for localization-friendly content. An advantage of the job: a “preview” of the company’s unique software, which translators use for localization quality assurance.

Localization and editorial producer

For certain corporate positions outside the United States, fluency in English is required, while a fair command of the local language is acceptable. This is not the case for this job: as specified for the Tokyo-based opening, “native-level editorial skills in Japanese are a must.” It’s not hard to see why. The Localization and Editorial Producer not only manages the local projects and linguists, but also leads the localization and original writing, and rewrites and transcribes the copy for end users as needed. The role interacts with a number of teams, from business to engineering, but works closely with the creative lead to ensure a consistent linguistic tone, as well as a customer experience.

Language manager

Fresh off the company’s victory at WMT 2021, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is looking for a few good researchers to help its Universal Language Translator cross the finish line. In the meantime, Meta still needs human linguists to help WhatsApp – reportedly used by more than two billion people in 180 countries – feel more local in every market. Not to be confused with Apple’s role of language manager in customer support, this post focuses more on, well, the language side. The language manager reviews the translated content for new versions and coordinates language, style and terminology with linguists.

Market Specialist, GO Markets

Within large scale operations, the GO Markets team is responsible for providing support to Facebook users, including businesses and advertisers. Market specialists use their language skills and cultural knowledge to examine potentially offensive content and come up with scalable solutions that meet the needs of users in a given country. The company is currently recruiting many specialists in the market, especially in Asia.


Data linguist

“Working at ease with texts from different languages ​​and dialects” – seems to us to be a translator. In fact, although many data analysts have a bachelor’s degree in computational linguistics, this particular role does not require it. However, experience in text annotation and data analysis is required, as is near native fluency in one or more languages ​​other than English. The work is confidential, so few details are provided in the job posting, but Data Linguists work on projects for internal and external clients with the overall goal of improving global sites. They share their views on their work with others who may or may not speak the required language (s).

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Product manager

Specifically, Amazon is hiring a Product Manager for Customer Experience in a particular country or market. Strong written and verbal skills in more than one language are essential, as the product manager is responsible for “auditing” translations into the target language. In addition to improving coverage and language proficiency, the position also involves ensuring that marketing and content is culturally relevant and is successful in “driving customer uptake” of resources available in their preferred language. .


Find a language specialist

Google’s SLS program, which is part of Core Search, includes professionals who are native speakers of multiple languages. They organize callback sets in different languages, develop grammar, and perform quality assurance, among other responsibilities. The Technical Program Manager will build and lead the SLS team, identify and use programs and tools to increase team impact and scalability.

Market Responsibility Specialist, Trust and Security, YouTube

Beyond the ability to read and write fluently in at least two languages, a market responsibility specialist should have “experience of history, local politics, the media landscape, culture and society. context ”of the given market or country. Why? To help YouTube understand regional and local trends and risks – on YouTube. The company describes its Trust and Security team as being dedicated to making the platform a safe place for users. To this end, the Marketplace Accountability Specialist will help enforce policies through video content. At the same time, the role also requires collaboration with linguists to improve the quality of regional language workflows.


Senior Location Manager (Regional)

This role combines the big picture with the attention to detail of a linguist. The Senior Localization Officer is the point of contact for localization support, develops strategies within and between departments, and liaises with regional government entities. In addition to at least 10 years of localization experience in the given language, the work also requires expertise in “broader aspects of cultural localization, publishing and marketing” relevant to the region. An interest in the game is probably a plus, given the content to be localized, which includes in-game text, voiceovers, dubbing, subtitles, and player support documentation.

Marketing operations manager (regional)

With a focus on multiple countries and ‘excellent’ language skills, this position is well suited for linguists with experience as cultural consultants in their target market. In particular, the Marketing Operations Manager will determine how to adapt new content, promotions and partnerships to the local culture. More importantly, whoever fills the role should be willing to explore and keep up with the latest trends, with the aim of identifying the best ways to attract community players to Tencent over the competition.

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