Language learning tool for the hearing impaired wins award


Háblalo was created by the IAE business school in Argentina and describes itself as a “free multifunctional tool that facilitates communication” for more than 200,000 hearing-impaired users in 65 countries.

The award has two categories, Launch and Acceleration; Háblalo won the Acceleration category.

“This award means the world to us,” said Mateo Salvatto, CEO of Háblalo.

“We are very grateful to Santander and our whole team… for five years we have been working to change the world of a large part of the population that has been somehow forgotten,” he continued.

The startup, which grew out of Salvatto’s Asteroid Technologies and now offers different services for organizations, including Háblalo for business, education, employment and events, was born from the belief that “technology is a tool for equalizing opportunities for each society”.

The Launch category of the award was won by Kronosafe, a Spanish project aiming to “increase the safety and effectiveness of temporary stimulation” to avoid “unnecessary” admissions to intensive care.

Winners will be added to the “Santander X 100 Global Entrepreneurship Community”.

“This prize is vital for us to develop our economic model”

The list will provide businesses with “the resources they need to grow,” including networking, capital and training.

The Washing Machine, a University of Bath project that created a hand-cranked washing machine to save water, was also able to join the program and received an honorable mention in the category. She participated in a pilot project in refugee camps in Iraq.

“[This category gives] support and visibility for innovation that emerges and grows in the universities themselves,” said Bianca Sagastume, Deputy Global Director of Santander Universities.

“Supporting this is key to building a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous future for all,” she added.

Háblalo was originally developed by Salvatto to “help my mother’s 40 students”.

“My expectations were really low…I didn’t grow it into a huge startup or what it is today,” he said in a post on PCMA.

Upon receiving the award, he also added, “This award is vital for us to evolve our business model and continue to improve our solution to improve people’s lives.”

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