Kent Boy Scouts Prepare for Antarctic Adventure


Request2021 commemorates Shackleton’s expedition 100 years ago

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There is less than a month left before the Kent Scouts embark on a unique trip to Antarctica.

After many years of dedicated fundraising and planning, a team of ten Boy Scouts and Leaders will fly to South America on Boxing Day before leaving Argentina for Antarctica on December 30.

Project ReQuest2021 commemorates the 1921 Shackleton-Rowett Expedition which included two Boy Scouts.

100 years after Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Quest ship sailed to Antarctica, they recreate the original ethos by embarking on their own voyage to the frozen south.

Matt, George, Darcey, Geneviève, Alan, Shackleton the Penguin, Cathy and Lucy

Project manager Alan Noake would like to warmly thank everyone who helped them turn their dreams into reality.

He will be joined by:

  • Genevieve Scullion (District of Deal, Walmer and Sandwich), Darcey Holmes (Thanet) and George Stonor (Faversham)
  • Matt Wood (Malling), Cathy Mummery (Weald), Lucy Morgan (Sevenoaks) and Helen Smith (Gravesham)
  • Sam Payne (Inverurie, Aberdeenshire) and Alex Maciver (Aberfeldy, Perthshire)

The Antarctic Research Project team will sail aboard the tall ship Bark Europa from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the Antarctic Peninsula – a journey of over 2,000 km – and pass through the infamous Drake Passage.

During the two-week adventure, participants will undertake research projects on issues such as climate change, energy, exploration, education, health and the environment.

The results will be presented in a range of engaging formats, including photographs, soundscapes, reports, artwork and interactive forums.

Boy Scout Leader Bear Grylls said:

“You are truly following in the footsteps of many legends, including the great Sir Ernest Shackleton who embarked on his Quest expedition. You are also doing vital work on how we can protect the world around us, which is so important. “

Over the past four years, the Ten Scouts have undertaken fundraising activities to raise £ 135,000 for the expedition. A key sponsor is the Freemasons of East and West Kent.

For more information on the ReQuest2021 expedition and research projects, go here.

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