Government of Canada announces community capacity and project funding for LGBTQ2 organizations


OTTAWA (ON), February 2, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – The Government of Canada continues to work with LGBTQ2 communities and all of our partners to protect LGBTQ2 rights and build a safer, fairer and consciously more inclusive Canada.

Today, the Honorable Marci Ien, Minister for Women, Gender Equality and Youth, announced an extension until $7.5 million for community capacity funding. Minister Ien also announced until $800,000 in funding for two LGBTQ2 projects.

Following the first-ever LGBTQ2 Community Empowerment Fund launched in 2020, the Government of Canada will extend the funding for a period of one year. The funding will enable LGBTQ2 organizations to build stronger infrastructure and networks of community organizations to advance LGBTQ2 equality through Canada.

Additionally, project funding for Rainbow Faith and Freedom and Imprint Youth Association will support the development of community-based projects that address systemic barriers faced by LGBTQ2 people. As a member of $15 million LGBTQ2 Project Fund announced in Budget 2021, the Government of Canada intends to launch a call for proposals this spring for additional project funding opportunities.

Since the Prime Minister issued a historic apology to LGBTQ2 communities in 2017, the Government of Canada worked alongside LGBTQ2 communities to advance key priorities. In addition, the government of Canada organized a comprehensive public engagement to better understand the day-to-day realities and experiences of LGBTQ2 people in Canada to inform the first-ever federal LGBTQ2 action plan. This included the recent adoption of amendments to from Canada Criminal Code, Bill C-4, to criminalize the shameful, unscientific and destructive practice of conversion therapy.

The government of Canada will continue to support LGBTQ2 communities and organizations to build a society where everyone can fully participate and be their true authentic selves.


“I have heard and seen firsthand that LGBTQ2 organizations are a vital lifeline that requires sustained financial support and partnerships to continue serving their communities. Today’s announcement responds to these concerns and reaffirms that the Government of from Canada commitment to ensuring that these organizations and the people who work for them can continue to deliver programs, provide educational services, and ultimately be there for those who need it most. I look forward to continuing to work alongside LGBTQ2 leaders, advocates and allies to build a Canada where everyone can be their true authentic self.”

The Honorable Marci Ien, PC, MP, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth

“With members in every province and territory, we are from Canada largest network of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations. We understand the national impact of federal funding for programs and capacity building: it enables the continuation of essential mental health services and suicide prevention work and access to gender-affirming care, navigation in systems, housing services and migrant support services. We are grateful to Women and Gender Equality Canada for continuing to provide the resources needed to build a Canada where every Canadian can thrive.

Tyler BoyceGeneral Manager, The Enchanted Network

“The Imprint Youth Association is thrilled to learn that we will be receiving funding from Women and Gender Equality Canada to build capacity in transition-related health care in New Brunswick. This initiative is desperately needed following the closure of the only health clinic dedicated to 2SLGBTQ+ in the province in September 2020. The shutdown has left Two-Spirit, trans and queer people isolated and without options to access affirmative health care close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding will allow us to come together and gain momentum to address the systemic oppression of Two-Spirit, Trans and Queer New Brunswickers by providing primary care providers with educational programs that respond to the needs of these communities. We look forward to working with our partners across the Atlantic region to build a network of knowledgeable suppliers who will help fill the gaps in from New Brunswick currently fragmented healthcare systems.

Nikki Lyons MacFarlaneChairman of the Board, Imprint Youth Association

“We are extremely grateful to receive funding from Women and Gender Equality Canada. With this funding, Rainbow Faith and Freedom will help organizations become more inclusive by working with them at a systemic level to reduce social isolation and affirm 2SLGBTQ+ people. stimulate community awareness and engagement to reduce discrimination based on 2SLGBTQ+ religion in the faith-based sector of Ontario society.”

Rev. dr. Brent HawkesManaging Director, Rainbow Faith and Freedom

Fast facts

  • At January 7, 2022Bill C-4, a federal bill that amends from Canada Criminal Code creating new criminal offenses related to conversion therapy, came into force. The Bill passed without amendment and received Royal Assent on December 8, 2021.

  • Planned 2021 budget $15 million over three years, starting in 2021-2022, to Women and Gender Equality Canada for a new dedicated LGBTQ2 Project Fund to support community initiatives aimed at overcoming key issues facing LGBTQ2 communities, such as access to mental health services and employment support.

  • Budget 2021 also proposed to provide $7.1 million over three years, starting in 2021-22, to continue to support the work of the LGBTQ2 Secretariat, which coordinates work across government, and enable the ongoing development of an LGBTQ2 action plan.

Information document

Project funding for two LGBTQ2 organizations

At February 2, 2022WAGE has announced funding of up to $800,000 for two LGBTQ2 projects, as part of the $15 million LGBTQ2 Project Fund announced in Budget 2021.

LGBTQ2 Project Fund

The Projects Fund supports LGBTQ2 nonprofit organizations to develop community projects that address systemic barriers faced by LGBTQ2 people. The funding also supports efforts to break down intersectional barriers, including Indigenous, Black, racialized, and rural or remote LGBTQ2 communities.

Project funding details

Rainbow Faith and Freedom up $400,000
This 24-month project will aim to end discrimination based on religion in the faith-based sector of Ontario. Rainbow Faith and Freedom will do this by conducting research in collaboration with 2SLGBTQ+ communities and faith institutions, including developing a survey to assess the degree of inclusion in the faith sector. The organization will develop an awareness campaign on 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination based on religion and disseminate information through partnerships with community organizations and religious organizations. Educational programs and training will also be offered to increase community awareness, help prepare religious institutions and organizations to make change, and drive engagement to end 2SLGBTQ+ religion-based discrimination in the faith-based sector of Ontario.

Legal mentions Association of young people up to $400,000
This 25-month project will develop and strengthen capacities for access to gender-sensitive health care in New Brunswick through the development of a training and mentorship program for primary care providers. Imprint Youth Association Inc. will accomplish this goal by partnering with health clinics and LGBTQ2 rights organizations across the province to facilitate recruitment, training, and information sharing through existing networks in New Brunswick creating an up-to-date directory of service providers to guide trans people seeking care and developing education and training materials in urban and rural settings New Brunswick contexts to allow for continuity once the project is completed.

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