Elvis Costello ‘This Year’s Model’ Gets Spanish Adaptation


The album also receives a new documentary

For Elvis Costello’s latest project, Spanish model, the ever-musically curious artist, along with multi-GRAMMY-awarded producer Sebastian Krys, recruited an international cast of Latin American pop and rock artists from around the world to record his classic 1977 debut album The Attractions , This year’s model, entirely in Spanish. An eclectic mix of singers and musicians including Cami, Draco Rosa, Juanes, La Marisoul, Luis Fonsi, Sebastian Yatra and many more performed the songs adapted alongside the timeless performances of Costello & The Attractions from the recordings. originals. The ensemble will be released on CD and LP on September 10th. A remastered edition of the original album will also be released on CD and LP on the same day.

An exciting new trailer for Spanish model has been released and provides an overview of the innovative project and extracts clips and content from the upcoming documentary on the evolution of This year’s model at Spanish model, and its continuing cultural impact more than four decades later. The trailer features many participating artists who transformed these songs for the Spanish speaking world, including Draco Rosa, Fito Páez, Nicole Zignago, Jorge Drexler, Juanes, La Marisoul, Luis Fonsi, Pablo López, Raquel Sofía, Sebastián Yatra, and Vega.

The first episode of the Spanish model The documentary series will be released on September 9, the day before the album’s release via UMe.

Directed by three-time Latin GRAMMY award winner Jose Tillan and produced by The POPGarage / Abrakadabra.tv, the gripping documentary will delve deep into the history of the original record and its innovative new incarnation, popularity and influence of the album. in Latin America. , the artist’s personal connections to This Year’s Model, their love for Costello’s music and why they wanted to be a part of this unique project. Along with almost every artist who was on the album and producer Sebastian Krys, it also includes interviews with everyone who made the original album – Costello, Steve Nieve of The Attractions, Bruce Thomas and Pete Thomas, engineer Roger Béchirian and producer Nick Lowe – bringing them together in a documentary on the legendary album for the very first time.

“We are delighted to have worked with Elvis Costello in the development of six visual short films that tell how and why this year’s model becomes the Spanish model,” Tillan shares. “It’s such a unique and completely new concept that made the storytelling process both difficult and adventurous. It’s amazing how much the DNA of the original album – both the music and the themes – totally resonates with the Spanish speaking artists and audiences. “

“I love the humor and the heart that Jose captured in this movie,” adds Costello. “It was great to hear all these voices and see the faces of our new friends. The whole gang is there. One last time with emotion.

Designed by Elvis Costello and his longtime collaborator Sebastian Krys, 18-time GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY award-winning producer, Spanish model is a daring record, the first of its kind. This Year’s Model songs have been expertly translated and adapted into Spanish to retain their meaning, energy, attitude and spirit. The concept represents what may be a first: an artist replacing his voice with newly recorded performances by other artists singing in another language, supported by the original music.

When Costello and Krys started to think of artists who would be a good fit, they discovered that this year’s model was an important record for many artists across the pan-Latin world, but its true nature had never been fully appreciated in because of the language barrier. . They enlisted many Costello fans, a few who Krys and Costello thought would be a perfect fit for the song, and who all have stellar careers and were excited to participate and bring their own styles to the immediacy and the poignant character of the original songs, helping to create a whole new listening experience.

Spanish model exudes the same kind of energy and spirit as the original, but with a Latin twist. With 19 featured artists representing 10 countries and territories across the Spanish speaking world including: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay and many of the United States. The album is really about a global collaboration. Costello’s spiky guitars collide with Steve Nieve’s carnival touches and the urgent, propulsive rhythms of bassist Bruce Thomas and drummer Pete Thomas, as The Attractions virtually support a host of Latin music legends, contemporary stars. and booming artists for an exciting ensemble Performances in Spanish imbued with the identity and unique style of each artist.


  1. No Action – Nina Diaz
  2. (Yo No Quiero Ir A) Chelsea ((I don’t want to go to) Chelsea) – Raquel Sofía y Fuego
  3. Yo Te Vi (The Rhythm) – Drago Rosa
  4. Pump it up – Juanes
  5. Detonants (Small Triggers) – La Marisoul
  6. Tu Eres Para Mi (You belong to me) – Luis Fonsi
  7. Hand in Hand – Francisca Valenzuela and Luis Humberto Navejas
  8. La Chica de Hoy (Girl of this Year) – Cami
  9. Mentira (Lips) – Pablo López
  10. Viviendo en el Paraiso (Living in Paradise) – Jesse & Joy
  11. Vogue Lipstick – Murten
  12. La Turba (Night rally) – Jorge Drexler
  13. Llorar (Big Tears) – Sebastián Yatra
  14. Radio Radio – Fito Páez
  15. Crawling in the United States – Gian Marco and Nicole Zignago
  16. Se Esta Perdiendo La Inocencia (Running Out of Angels) – Vega

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