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Chubut capital practically on fire after protests against mining law

Friday, December 17, 2021 – 19:56 UTC

The governor of Chubut, Mariano Arcioni, nevertheless signed the bill

Protesters in Argentina’s Chubut province set fire to the government residence and other public buildings in the capital Rawson to voice their opposition to a mega mining bill passed by the local legislature.

However, these protests had very little effect beyond the material damage since Governor Mariano Arcioni promulgated it.

?? The facilities of the Superior Court of Justice are also on fire, as is Rawson Square, the government residence and the Legislative Assembly, ?? local AZM television station reported. Rawson is on fire, everything is on fire.

Significant damage was observed on the public road, in addition to car fires in the streets after 16 public buildings were reportedly attacked by protesters.

On Wednesday, in a surprise session, the provincial legislature passed the mining zoning project opposed by various sectors. The controversial project, criticized by the National University of Patagonia and by representatives of the National Science Committee (Conicet), was approved by 14 votes to 11.

Hours later, a group of protesters clashed with Rawson police with stones and rubber bullets. There were street fights between demonstrators and the police on Wednesday and Thursday.

Other protests took place in Puerto Madryn, Esquel and other towns in Patagonia to demand a new law on the zoning of mining activity.

The new initiative will allow the chemical extraction of metals, silver, copper and lead, in parts of the province, such as Telsen and Gastre, and is actively opposed by much of the social movements of Chubut. Under current legislation, mega-mining using cyanide is prohibited in the province, with the exception of a few locations yet to be determined.

Santa Teresita de Rawson Hospital Director Paula Morales told Telam “there were 11 patients with various minor injuries, most of them bruises, some with rubber pole injuries and one patient being treated for inhalation of gas “. Six of those patients were police officers, Morales added.

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