‘Capitalists’ block entry points to prevent Eid holidaymakers from returning


As literally millions of people returned to the capital yesterday, a group of locals flocked to the city’s entry points and set up roadblocks to prevent so-called ‘locals’ from returning after the Eid holiday.

Calling themselves “capitalists” and missing the irony, the angry crowd of well-dressed men and women were seen taking selfies with their Iphones and shouting “go back to your quarters!” as the buses piled up at the entrances to the capital.

While visiting one of these locations, this correspondent saw luxury cars lined up on the right wing – the side of the barricade you’d rather be on. The correspondent was also very grateful because he had remained anchored in the capital.

Experts say this has been in the works for a long time, as people who stayed in the capital over the Eid holiday – in other words, those who had enough homes and means in the capital to celebrate the holiday – were often heard saying how much more peaceful the city became when half the people returned home before Eid.

The identity of the experts cannot be divulged because they are likely to be friends of this correspondent.

On the right wing of the entry point, a capitalist activist said, “Have you seen the city in the last few days? It was wonderful. I could actually reach Dhanmondi from Banani in 20 minutes. This is where I realized the problem.

“It’s all these people from the neighborhood. They live in the capital all year round, but they don’t care. They cause all the traffic jams, and dirty the city. It’s time. We have decided to take back our capital Go back to your quarters!” He shouted.

When asked what he did, the man replied that he owned a garment factory.

“I contribute greatly to the economy of this country. I deserve to have a clean and peaceful capital. I will continue to be an important source of income for my country when all my workers return from…” his voice trailed off and he pales looking at all the people on the wrong side of the barricade.

A right-wing woman said: “I was able to go to so many places this Eid and realized that our capital could be so beautiful. . This Rokeya, let her come back from her village, I have a whole list of chores to make her do.

The leader of the capitalists then took to the podium and said, “I thank my fellow capitalists for taking this initiative. This Eid, I didn’t even feel like going abroad. It was like my own capital, where I was born, was bidesh. I intend to keep it that way and help our country become like bidesh all year round.

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