Betterfly and Houm investors Alaya Capital to allocate an additional US $ 100 million to Latam


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Argentinian venture capital firm Alaya Capital has launched a third $ 100 million fund to invest in Latin American startups. They focus on sustainable social and government developments with a view to 2030.

With this announcement, they also shared that Juan Manuel Giner has joined the Alaya Capital team as a Managing Partner. Giner is the former Executive Director of the Argentine Association of Private Capital, Entrepreneurs and Seeds (ARCAP).

He was one of the key figures in bringing together various VC associations in Latin America. In his four years as head of ARCAP, investments have grown from $ 140 million to $ 1.3 billion in the country, according to a statement.

With the 100 million US dollars from this third fund, Alaya plans to invest in rounds of the table and Series A, with notes between 1 and 5 million US dollars. Giner estimates that he will have around 25 new businesses in the next 3-5 years.

The main markets they will be looking at for these startups are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. However, Alaya is also open to opportunities that may come from regions that have so far not been significant in the startup ecosystem, such as the Caribbean.

The company will be looking to invest in companies with similar backgrounds to Betterfly, Houm and 123seguro. These three companies were among their first investments and to this day they continue to develop and lead their respective sectors in the region.

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